Nettbutikken for sykepleiere
En rask og trygg netthandel. Alle varene er lagret og sendes i fra Norge. En slipper dermed å tenke på lange leveringstider og tollgrenser osv. Vi har sikre og trygge betalingsløsninger. Vi ønsker å tilby nyttige eller morsomme varer til sykepleiere for en rimelig penge. Besøk nettbutikken Sengeposten.no

Overlevelsessett for sykepleiere
Overlevelsessett for sykepleiere
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Reasons to date a nurse :)

sykepleierHer er en liste på engelsk om grunner til å date en sykepleier


  • White scrubs are see through
  • We asses all areas of the body
  • Scrubs make for easy access
  • They are clean
  • They don’t gag
  • They know your body inside and out
  • They know mouth to mouth
  • 2 words… Sponge Bath
  • They know how to penetrate things
  • They have restraints and aren’t afraid to use them
  • They always have a rubber on hand
  • They can go all night long
  • We’re used to handling all types of bodily fluids
  • We’re good at taking orders
  • We know all the right places to palpate
  • We know how to properly apply restraints
  • We know lots of different positions…
  • We know that lubrication is helpful in any procedure
  • We’re always up for a good game of doctor
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